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Success Stories

Recently arrived in Perth from Queensland, Angeline is living with her daughter while she urgently searches for work. With interviews pending, she visited Ready to Work this morning and was soon outfitted by our stylists in a smart dress and jacket that had arrived only one hour before as part of a large donation of work-appropriate clothing from the generous women of BHP Billiton Iron Ore. 

Casey's Bright New Outlook

Casey was over the moon following her visit to Ready to Work.

At 17, after two years of searching for work, she has just secured both a casual role in a photographic company to help pay the bills and work experience with a government department where she will take the first steps towards a career in youth and community services.

"I feel so professional and so appropriately dressed for what I will be doing", Casey said after being outfitted with two different looks - one a vibrant purple and yellow combination and a more sedate black pants suit with both purple and white shirt options, plus shoes and a handbag.

"I also feel very confident and able to talk to people because I feel more mature and well dressed", Casey said as she put her years of self doubt behind her and looked forward to a career helping other young people.

"I feel I can help them move forward in their lives, like I have," she said.  

New Start for Mother of Four

Exciting times ahead as single mother of four, Leslie, prepared to re-join the workforce with a visit to Ready to Work.

Restyled and outfitted in what she said was a “perfect” business suit and accessories, Leslie said she felt uplifted and confident to face job interviews for the first time in years.

In the past, Leslie had managed a busy switchboard with 200 lines, but in one terrible year she had to confront a marriage break down, the untimely deaths of two family members and a move to Australia from the USA on her own with four children and “two dogs, a cat and a rabbit”.

A breakdown in her health and its residual effects took their toll, but Leslie has recently retrained as a medical receptionist and has undertaken other qualifications. With new hospitals coming on stream in Perth and the growth in the health industry, she sees a brighter future ahead.

“When I came to Ready to Work, the stylists just seemed to know what would work best on me,” Leslie said. “The first outfit I tried and the first shoes were just perfect and I just knew that this was the sign of a fresh start. Yes, from now on, everything is going to be alright".





Julie is Ready for Anything

“I feel really good about myself and now I’m up for anything!” said Julie, as she left the Ready to Work premises on a high note after her recent restyling session.

All that remained to be done to be completely ready for the job interviews that would lead to a front line position in office reception was get her hair cut and restyled – and Ready to Work was also able to supply her with a voucher to help with that.

“The ladies at Ready to Work – staff and volunteers - are amazing and so friendly and supportive,” said Julie, an artist and vibrant single Mum who has been unable to undertake paid work for some time. Julie needed a helping hand to build her knowledge and confidence, and to make sure she looked professional and well prepared for her next step towards financial independence.

“Ready to Work outfitted me with two different looks that will be suitable for interviews and for work,” she said. “I feel fabulous in them.”

Julie was styled by our highly experienced, Ready to Work volunteer, Sue, who helped her select a smart, grey pencil skirt, black blazer and red sleeveless top, black shoes and bag for one outfit and a flattering black and tan dress with three quarter sleeves and a vibrant orange and tan scarf for the second outfit, which could also be topped by the black jacket.

Jodi, Ready to Work’s Operations Manager, also located a great lipstick that worked brilliantly with Julie’s colouring and her new outfits.

Once she is actually working, Julie will be able to return for a third outfit.

Julie also accessed information on how to prepare for an interview – what to do and what pitfalls to avoid.

Julie hopes to work as a receptionist in a natural therapy business or clinic. “I’ve studied natural therapies and, one day, would like to open my own business in that field,” she said.

“This year I turn 50 and I am starting a new chapter in my life. I’m up for anything and everything. It’s exciting and I’m happy.”

And if Ready to Work has been able to help Julie on the path towards reaching her goals, then we’re excited and happy too!




Client Julie - May 2013

Client - Julie May 2013

Rachel's Ready to take the Next Step

After seven years out of the workforce due to illness, Rachel has started her journey to recovery. Ready to take the next step, a little at a time, Rachel has gained a part-time position that will hopefull lead to a more full-time role in the future. Here is what Rachel had to say about our our service and how it is assisting her.

“I visited Ready to Work recently to be assisted with clothing for my interview to suit my body shape and size. I was so thrilled to have had their volunteer stylists help me, one-on-one to choose the outfits that made me feel comfortable and acceptable in the workplace. I didn’t have the means to purchase a new outfit for my interview, and the hand-me-downs which were offered to me just didn’t fit right.

I am excited about my new role, but overwhelmed at the same time. I could not have been successful in my interview without the assistance of Ready to Work. I feel I haven’t received much help in my life, but organisations such as Ready to Work provide a fantastic service for women in my position".





Client - Rachel April 2013



Clare's Story & Our CHOGM Ambassador

Our success story, Clare came to Ready to Work in 2012 to be assisted with clothing for an interview. We are thrilled to say that she secured full time employment and is loving her new job.

Through our association with Lotterywest, Ready to Work was one of a number of organisations invited to produce a short film documentary which was shown to representatives attending CHOGM. Clare was a fantastic ambassador for our organisation in this short film and was a natural in front of the camera. "I am so thankful for this opportunity and for all the assistance I have received from Ready to Work. They have been amazing!" says Clare.






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